LegendBot is a intelligent home robot, it has computer vision and machine learning capabilities that allow it to see you, hear you, and speak back to you. This 3 feet robot communicate with humans through an interactive platform that combines a physical robot with mixed reality for an entirely new experience. The robotics platform can be re-programmed and fits a variety of removable shells – enabling developers to create a myriad of products on one platform.​​​​​​​
Unique Form Inspired by Basic Geometry
The robot is design as a base for the robotics platform, this base is the command center that contains all the functions. The form of base is designed as two combined truncated octahedrons, the smaller one on top is the brain of the robot which contained with microchips and microcomputers to control the body; the larger one at bottom is the body of the robot which contained with mechanical parts and motors which executes all the commands from its brain.
Omni Wheel: The movement of LegendBot is driven by three omni wheels, the omni wheels offers the strength that it make 360° turns and move to any directions.
Arm and Hand: LegendBot uses its arm to provide lots types of services, like picking and sorting. The arm collapses inside of the body when it doesn't execute any task, and the hand takes place in front of the body. Otherwise, the arm unfolds from the door of the body when it receives a commend.
Depth Camera: There are depth cameras as LegendBot's eyes, the main one is on the center of the brain and the assistant one is on the wrist of the hand. The main camera is responsible for general interacting with human and detect environment, while the assistant camera on the hand mainly focus on identifying objects and detect the blind space of the main eye.
Screen: There are four screen attached on both sides of the brain, the screens mainly display the robot emotional expressions and graphic information, which vividly enhances the interactions with the users.
Sorting Toys
The camera on the wrist distinguishes types of toys and the brain can control the fingers to categorize out toys. After collecting a certain amount of toys, the hand transport toys into its collection container.
Picking laundry
LegendBot will detect improperly located object like random dropped t-shirt, then the robot will pick it up and throw it in the laundry basket.
Design Sketches
The design start from scratch by brainstorm the robot concept. We defined the final form of body after confirmed the "brain+body" concept. Then move to designing the arm and the hand after identified "sorting + picking" function.
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