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Halifax Upper City Park
The Upper City Park project design as pop-up space for public at Granville Mall, it offers this historical site a new upper level space in Downtown Halifax. This pop-up city design refreshes residences’ obsolete mind for Granville Mall. Since people who lives in city always walk on the ground and stay inside of building, it is difficult for them to have new perspectives way to view Halifax. However, Upper City Park bring the space from ground to top of Granville Mall buildings, providing a great Chance and platform to explore Granville streetscape, tourists can walk on the stairs and tower to explore the upper level space; local resident can involve activities on the grass roof. 

Granville Mall的Granville Mall的Granville Mall建筑群的顶上,为探索Granville街景提供了一个很好的机会和平台,游客可以在通过台阶和塔达到上一层的空间;当地居民能在草垫屋顶参与活动。
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